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We are a professional cooperation who solves clients' problem with knowledge and experience.

We provide website building services for foreign and domestic regions such as: Chinese-English-Japanese-Vietnamese-Filipino translating, web hosting, online shopping service, logo design, business card, pamphlets etc.

All of our products are based on the experience from building websites for over 7000 companies in Japan.

globee members always think about improving customers' profitability, helping them to attract more customers and leading their result to a new height.

globee asia globee asia


Company's name globee co.,ltd.
Address 37 Hoang Dieu street, ward 10, Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Phone number +84-28-3930-0100
Business line
  • ・Website developement
  • ・Website consultation
  • ・Translation agency service
  • ・Web marketing
  • ・Website administration
  • ・Website application
  • ・Laboratory offshore software development service
  • ・Coding
  • ・CMS
General Director Endo Thor
Number of employees 21 (until August 2018)
Partner Company http://bitfountain.com.tr/
globee asia


遠藤 亨

We are not afraid of changing and contributing to society by our strong will and determination.

Since 2016, we have created a lot of website systems.

We always innovate, apply the newest techniques and improve ourself to suppport clients better every day.
We will give the best full support package from consulting to website administrating.

We provide web services which the customers can easily control without any IT knowledge.
As a result, the customers can feel safe when they decide to invest into IT field and maximize their profits.

We always make an effort to become a professional group who can contribute to the development of society.

General Director

遠藤 亨

Endo Thor


  • 2019

    January: Relocated of new office

  • 2018

    Strengthening sales to Vietnamese local companies.
    Deployed Vietnam laboratory offshore software development service
    "POWER LAB".

  • 2017

    Feburary : Setting up business team
    Launched our own Chat system "Biz Chat" and translation tool "Chatrance"
    November: Company trip to Thailand

  • 2016

    February : Company was founded in Ho Chi Minh city.
    May : WordPress team was formed.
    July : Starting to support coding website.
    October : First Company's trip.

Service outline

  • Investigate Analyze


  • Marketing Promotion


  • Website optimization・LP Building online systems

    Website optimization・LP
    Building online systems

  • Website support Cutting expenses

    Website support
    Cutting expenses

globee asia

Research / Analytics

Research / Analytics

  • Analyzing user access and web usage

    Analyzing user access and web usage

    By analyzing user behavior and attributes, finding the problems of the website as well as the keys to improve, and checking the effectiveness after improvement. Carrying out the analysis corresponds to the customer's situations through a variety of tools, by Google Analytics (a tool for analyzing free-of-charge access)
  • Measuring the effectiveness of website advertising

    Measuring the effectiveness of website advertising

    Through our customers advertising and sharing website usage information in the past, we conduct analyzes, investigations, and make improvements to bring more efficiency.
  • Creating test case to analyze user’s behaviors

    Creating test case to analyze user’s behaviors

    By observing the user's behavior and statements in a manner consistent with the target attribute,we can find the problems of the website. In the case of web access, the user's behavior is measured by the numbers, while the test of user behavior can help to discover more specific causes, from psychology to behavior.
  • Heuristic analysis

    Heuristic analysis

    By assessing website usability (simplicity of use) in a flexible way from a professional perspective, it is possible to find a problem on a large scale. However, it is only subjective to analyst, so sometimes there will be lack of accuracy, but with hypothesis testing by analyzing website accesses, we can do this by combining other investigative methods.
  • Network research

    Network research

    By researching the market through an internet survey, we will know the satisfaction of the current service and the trend of consumers’ demands. As a result, we will provide useful information for the business strategy and product development ideas. ※ The polls can be divided according to the desired conditions

Marketing / Promotion

Marketing / Promotion

  • Contents Marketing

    Contents Marketing

    We will lead to success your business with the method of contents marketing proven in Japan. Then, we will support to propose with creating valuable content for users who seek information so that increase the stability of the users.
  • SEO・SEM Support

    SEO・SEM Support

    SEO・SEM support in Japanese/English/
    Optimizing website to meet SEO standards in order to improve the google search ranking and develop new function for website.
  • Advertisement support

    Advertisement support

    Supporting in PR based on advertising strategy such banner ads, affiliate ads, category ads, BT (behavioral targeting) ads, facebook ads.
  • Designing brochures

    Designing brochures

    • Brochure
    • Catalog
    • Company advertising
    • Advertising through news, magazines
    • Poster
    • Direct mail(DM)
    • Flyers
    • Novelty
  • Designing Logo

    Designing Logo

    • Company logo, store logo
    • Logo service
    • Catch copy
    • Designing mascot
  • Taking photos of company

    Taking photos of company

    Photos inside and outside the store or company, employee interview, employee profile, product image, customer can use the above resources for company introduction page, or hiring page.
    In addition to the use for the website, customers can use for catalogs, magazine ads, posters, recruitment ads .. ※ In addition, we can prepare models, hair make up, styliist.

Designing website/ building system

Designing website/ building system

At Globee, we can build systems, design websites in Vietnamese such as business homepage, E-Commerce site targets to Vietnamese users.

  • Website designing Content Editing

    Website designing
    Content Editing

    • Corporate site
    • Corporate site / store site
    • Service website
    • Landing page(LP)
    • EC Site
    • Company / Product Brand Site
    • Campaign site
    • Recruit site
    • Smart phone site
    • Mail content
    • Article Writing
    • Advertisement banner
  • Building System Building various type of ASP

    Building System
    Building various type of ASP

    • Creating E-commerce site

      (Cart function payment function)

    • CMS building

      (Content management system)

    • Support full package installation

      Various ASP / Application · Maintenance

Xây dựng hệ thống ASP Hỗ trợ cài đặt dạng gói

Reduce web operating costs / optimize work

Reduce web operating costs / optimize work

  • Support IT

    Support IT

    Please entrust all the troubles arise during the website content management for us.
    We provides the service in the form of vouchers that only requires the necessary services when needed .
  • Coding


    We will accept the job even if it is only a 1 page website. We can meet different of code guidelines. After receiving request from customers, we will deliver the website within 1 business day. For website with 100 pages or more, or 2 months or more periodic programming requests, we will create a team to provide the services to customers.
  • Data processing

    Data processing

    Converting handwritten text into digital document. WE can handle a variety of handwritten forms such as generic forms, invoices, business card and clinical records.
  • Translation


    From Japanese to Vietnamese and vice versa.
  • On-site engineer

    On-site engineer

    We provide on-site engineer services. Customers can choose the range from 1 day to 1 year. In case of urgent project, please use this service.


Tokyo Cruise Ship Co.,Ltd.

Tokyo Cruise Ship Co.,Ltd.

Gozabune Atakemaru

Type of work Website development (responsive, CMS, website renewal)
Website goals Increasing online bookings
URL: https://www.gozabune.jp/


We are so satisfied with providing to customer the increasing booking reservation's solution.

Shiroganedai preparatory school for medical school “Synapse”

Shiroganedai preparatory school for medical school “Synapse”

Type of work Website development (Landing Page design and chat tool installation)
Website goals Increasing student enrollment
URL: http://synapse-k.com/lp/


To increase student enrollment, we decided to code a new landing page. It worked successfully and we are pleased with this page.



Engagement ring And Wedding Ring “Only You”

Type of work Website development (responsive, CMS, website renewal)
Website goals Improving brand image, Promoting Purchase Intention and Visitor
URL: http://onlyyou-bridal.jp/
House Kensou Co., Ltd.

House Kensou Co., Ltd.

Type of work Website development (responsive, CMS, website renewal)
Website goals Increasing inquiry
URL: http://house-kensou.co.jp


Landing Page development

Type of work Responsive, website renewal
URL: http://vuteqrolly.sakura.ne.jp/driver/
Izumi Law Office

Izumi Law Office

Landing Page development

Type of work Responsive, website renewal
URL: http://izumi-chikantousatsu.com/
‎Mayer Leininger Chapel

‎Mayer Leininger Chapel

Website development

Type of work Responsive, website renewal
URL: http://www.mayer-leininger-chapel.com/
Jumping Tour Co.,Ltd.

Jumping Tour Co.,Ltd.

Website development

Type of work Responsive, website renewal
URL: http://jumping-lao.com/
Dolight Co., Ltd.

Dolight Co., Ltd.

Landing Page development

Type of work Responsive, website renewal
URL: http://dolight.co.jp/
Akihabara City Clinic

Akihabara City Clinic

Landing Page development

Type of work Responsive, website renewal
URL: http://akihabaracity.clinic/gankenkasui/


Website development

Type of work Responsive, website renewal
URL: https://www.uluru-bpo.jp/


  • Junichi Maeda

    Junichi Maeda

    Senior Adviser

    Hobby : Tennis

  • Hoàng Thị Phương Thảo

    Hoang Thi Phuong Thao

    General Affairs Division

    Hobby : Backpacking, Walking, Reading book & manga, Watching football

  • Trần Duy Ly

    Tran Duy Ly

    Marketing Manager

    Hobby : Drawing, Embroidery, Traveling

  • Nguyễn Quốc Uy

    Nguyen Quoc Uy

    Team Leader, BSE

    Hobby : Jogging, Sleeping



    WEB Director

    Hobby : Beer, Wine

  • Trần Quốc Thụy

    Tran Quoc Thuy

    Team Leader, PHP Engineer

    Hobby : Volleyball, Billiards, Traveling

  • Nguyen Anh Phuoc

    Nguyen Anh Phuoc


    Hobby : Traveling


  • ■Dont you want to work in Japan?■
    We are recruiting PHP engineers who can speak Japanese!!

    ・Working time in Japan: 1-2 years, after that will work in Vietnam
    ・Working place: Tokyo
    ・Japanese level: N2
    ・PHP skill: More than 3 years experience

  • ■PHP engineer

    ・Have N3
    ・Have at least 1 year experience in PHP
    ・Work in Vietnam

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